Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In The Deep Of The Ocean

In the deep of the ocean

In the deep of the ocean,
There have a lot of mystery,
A lot of story through the sea..

In the deep of the ocean,
Its hard to reach to the bottom,
Coz there have too many obstacle inside it..

In the deep of the ocean,
A mystery once would be revealed,
Pieces by pieces,
Like reading a books until the last chapter..

In the deep of the ocean,
Finally surface of the bottom had been seen,
Just wait for the moment to reach it,
Although the obstacles is very hard to going through it,
By passion,by patient seems the obstacle is nothing..

In the deep of the ocean,
Soon it will reach to the ending line..
And the story will be completed..

~Mat Lanai~

Lalang oh Lalang

Lalang oh Lalang

Kesian sungguh dirimu

Dituduh,ditohmah pelbagai2..

Dirimu hanya dilihat diatas saja..

Tetapi tidak dilihat dibawah..

Iaitu akarmu yang mengcengkam tanah..

Dgn akarmu

Dirimu tetap disatu tempat..

Walaupun badanmu ditolak kiri dan kanan..

Lalang oh lalang...

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